Monday, January 11, 2010

A Giant Pink Teddy Bear

My room could possibly be a mess if I didn't clean it every other day. There is a lone doll sitting next to my bed. When the first grader gave her to me she exclaimed "Ow hai P' Elle."-"This is for you." "Pom yeek muan P'Elle."-"She has curly hair just like you." "Kao longhai duai!"-"She's also crying!" I chuckled, thanked her, and helped her class make beaded hearts. Halfway through a little boy's heart I was surrounded with no chance for escape. "P'Elle rujak pleng "Que Sera" mai ka?"-"Do you know the song "Que Sera"? "Rujak ka, dtee mai mag"-"I know of it, but not a lot." "P'ELLE RUJAK!!"-"SHE KNOWS IT!!" (The surroundees doubled.)-"Roong noy dai mai?"-"Can you sing a little for us?" "" "Ka...dai nit neung ka."-"Yeah...I can sing a little..." Those next 2 minutes were the quietest of all my time here. The smallest of the group had squeezed through two quite stout boys and was resting her head on the back of my seat, mouthing the words until halfway through the song where she and the rest of the kids started to join in softly.

I left the school with 2 oranges, a banana, and a permanently unhappy doll. "They bring me food every day! I will be fat very soon!"- Ajaun Nee whispered and patted her slim waistline. "You will come again? My students don't usually see farang. They are all very nice. They want to learn more about you."

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  1. wow, you're a really great writer. I love your style.
    I think the next time I write a blog about my exchange year I'll include the language like you do, it makes it at least twice as interesting ;)